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Started by Moon1ight, May 06, 2020, 12:45:12 AM

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Hi everyone,
just wanted to let you know that this Forum is now officially an Archive. The Signup is deactivated and only moderators can write posts.

Thanks to Seisatsu, our host, for keeping it up – there's good material here to read.

To get it touch with us, see the Discord and Facebook Groups.

The Forum is back to Life!

Please Remember:

"Just Do Magick"
- Arjil
"The Assault on Reality lives in you.
This is what you were born to do." -Ahavah Ain Soph

"As far as what I think the DKMU is? It's a promise to never stop fighting against mundanity, to always be injecting the weird into the world" - Timothy Buell

"Put in the work! :)" - Geri