Hello garden and meadow and concrete jungle - butter, where are you, Khaotes?

Started by androkles zx00, November 30, 2022, 06:34:41 PM

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androkles zx00

OK. This me. Androkles zx00.  :( 8)
[/size][/color]Shown Here by Seren Dipity.
[/size][/color]My credentials: (ex)adykt.
[/size][/color]Also HMLer.
[/size][/color]Read the DKMU writings, they = full of good stuff. I like obscure juvenilia.
[/size][/color]I live [/color]in Slovenia. I die in the Kosm[/color]os. Now for some zxx001,09 interactions...[/color][/i][/b]

androkles zx00

For some reason my intro came up all grogy. Anyway, I wish to say to all of you: hello!! Looking forward to some meaningful interactions. May ZALTY chime in.
Much love to all Xaotes and beyond...