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Started by androkles zx00, November 30, 2022, 07:23:39 PM

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androkles zx00

Hello again!
I apologize for posting my introductory message as a separate topic - I only now discovered this section.
It sure looks few of DKMU people maraude here nowdays, it feels kinda desrted...


Hi and welcome. Yeah, the forum is rather inactive. It does serve as a rather useful archive of good material. I personally also still use it as a kind of private blog :D
If you want to talk to more Marauders, see the Discord and the FB-Group.
"The Assault on Reality lives in you.
This is what you were born to do." -Ahavah Ain Soph

"As far as what I think the DKMU is? It's a promise to never stop fighting against mundanity, to always be injecting the weird into the world" - Timothy Buell

"Put in the work! :)" - Geri