Chaotic and limitless violently attacking demon instead of HGA?

Started by JPTS, July 29, 2022, 03:30:57 AM

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HGA is a concept on the tree of life (guardian of kether?) but what would be it's adverse counterpart? Any experience on guidance coming from downstairs, the adverse tree?



Hi and welcome :)

on my knowledge of the literature, the HGA is associated with the Sephirah of Tiferet – the Beauty resulting from a harmony between divine Severity and Mercy – Will and Love.
(See e.g.
or this book: )

Now, the Other Side of Tiferet is Thagirion (also spelled  Tagimron), right? A constant battle between Contending Forces.
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So the Sitra Ahra counterpart of the HGA would appear to be one of the Demons of this Qlipah, which are know as the Disputers and are apparently named Zomiel (though "Zomiel" sounds like a word in singular to me, like one Demon, not an order).

This fits with my experience that the Angel is very focused and single-minded, while hostile impulses keep coming from all sorts of different directions. My Angels wants me to follow my True Will, whereas something wants me chase politics one day, e-scooters another day and computer games the next one. That kind of fits your description of "violently attacking demon".
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I like that interpretation, that a demonic energy could be seen as an obstacle or distraction from the 'goal', if you will.  William Parfitt is good, I read 'The New Living Qabalah' which covers a lot of the sepiroth anyhow, but didn't get much into the qliphoth part.