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The DKMU Godforms

Started by Alysyrose, April 27, 2013, 02:08:02 PM

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Frater Theodbald

A copy-paste of a text about Enu and Nul that I had found one day some place when:



the children, The twins,
The lost one, and The bright one,

Enu is sweet, and often lost, or distracted.
she is Curious, and very energetic,
her favorite question is "why?"

Nul is serious quiet and sometimes mischievous.
he is a fierce protector of Enu,
his Favorite Question is "when?"

Enu likes Diamonds/Coins
her card is the 3 of diamonds
Nul likes Spades/Swords
his card is the Ace of swords reversed (the death card)

Enu loves Orchids, the moon, sandalwood and opals
Nul loves thorns, obsidian, birch, rose incense.

Element- Air
Color- Yellow
Symbol the crescent moon mirrored on a river
the moon in the sky is silver, the reflection in the river is reversed

Desc- Enu and Nul always show up together in one form or another. Enu seems to be the more active one. They prefer to sit on the backs of chairs, or windowsills, (always off of the ground). Nul is the older brother, and slightly older and taller then Enu. they both have white hair, although sometimes Nul's is black. Enu's is always white. they both have red eyes. Enu is the energetic one, where Nul seems to act more like the protective older brother. I haven't gotten them to speak to me, they seem to communicate through emotions alone, although this may change with further work as well. Only one of them will interact at a time, while the other one seems to blink out of existence, and then returning when the conversation has stopped with the other sibling. They seem to blink in and out of this reality, and are usually seen in dreams. Again this may change due to more attention being put their way.

Put their sigil in Fun places, surrounded by toys, on playgrounds, anyplace where there is alot of creative energy. The results are instantanious, A feeling of energy, and mischievous well as a desire to go "have fun" and "discover" things.
Pay attention to what the Twins show you. They are the representation of the Death of the old way, and Birth of the new unknown. The end and the beginning of the path,
They bring new perspective, New ideas, and New energy .

As for the sigil:

« Soyez libres !... Du jour où vous l'aurez voulu, vous aurez commencé à l'être ! »
- Éliphas Lévi