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Author Topic: Zalty (Archetypal Navigator) Work - Sept 24 - 26  (Read 3284 times)


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Zalty (Archetypal Navigator) Work - Sept 24 - 26
« on: September 26, 2013, 03:31:53 pm »

From the DKMU FB Group (posts & pics)


EDW: Hmm...might make some sense?

EDW: Just saw my father and he gave me some rum. That never fucking happens. The legend of the synchronicities of Zalty continue.

EDW: For anyone flowing with this recent experimental progression: do well this night. It very well may serve as the boat that will better carry you into the 'stranger lands' yet to come. Hop on board. You couldn't ask for a better Navigator - one who knows when to get lost if the travel demands it.

EDW: Thee Navigator Yung & Ole, altar suggestions:
If using an altar. Some of these are obvious.
Just things I've picked up.

1 - Bowl of water in center, salt added to it (preferably sea salt.) [Sigils can be fired by putting them in here. Microcosm of the sea/wishing well, or the waters of Khaos.] Alternatively, a 'boat' can be made to float on the top of it - any buoyant small object.

2 - Alternative 'boat'. Boat-like object made of paper or something else, or if you have any small boat toys/objects laying around.

3 - White and blue candle to the left & right. Doesn't seem to matter much which side they are on. A yellow, green, red or black candle may be placed in the center, this is less common. Out of these, yellow seems more used.

4 - Tobacco and rum.

5 - Beach glass, preferably either white, blue or yellow.

6 - Beach items - sea shells, driftwood, certain stones, seagull feathers, etc.

7 - Nautical items - rope, ores, fishing poles, fishing hooks, etc.

8 - Alternatively, Zalty seems to enjoy the color Red as well, though sparingly, perhaps symbolizing the 'object of desire.' Gold may also be used for this.

9 - A fork and a spoon. Why? Not sure really...heard about the use before. Makes some funny kind of sense.

10 - Any item or figure depicting the classic 'ole salty' fisherman type. A picture, a painting, a statue, a carving, etc. There are tons of variations to these.

11 - The number '493', and obviously his mask/sigil somewhere. Some use a square such as, somewhere, putting items or sigils in the center:


Funny fact: The figure in the Chariot card has a square on his chest.

Got suggestions? post.

Matthew Boren: Just invoked Zalty at my local bar- used it as my altar infact- as I had no rum left in the house. I number of REALLY interesting things happened, which I will report on later.

Ian Kurz: So I have no rum, but I have an orange shandy. I drew Zalty's sigil upon it and wrote "No scurvy for ye!" and downed it heartily.


EDW: To all pirates on the seas of experiential (and experimental!) progression:

Ellis! has connected us, given us the window of naked power. All things spiral here, and possibilities, like stars, are seen glistening... a choice is made...

Doombringer! had revealed in us those aspects of want, of magick, of weakness, all preliminary destinations to be overcome. He has deconstructed us and put us back together with the addition of The Magick Stone. He protects along the way, but only when needed, and only in a non-human fashion of understanding. Doombringer gave us the blueprints to self-overcoming...

Ino! has given us a glimpse of the potential, the answers thereof, a reflected shadow of the final becoming, so that we might keep on going. A divination of all that might be attained, solace from the prior destruction. By her light came partial reorganization before the deeper death, by her delving we built the raft...

Trigag! had revealed the truest of horrors, the deepest of despairs, the shadow opposite, all that one is not, all that one does not wish to be, became! This blackest most mirror had reflected the worst of us, by the light of consciousness, seen to be, now glaring back with a maddened grimace. Despair, hopelessness, nothing...nothing...nothing... abandoned within the sea of ourselves, not even ourselves to protect us... we might as well give up, and end it here... but wait---can it be? Might we even deserve it?

Zalty! Approaches as a ship out of the gloom, that we had faced the deepest internal depths, our meager raft hardly holding our weight, is left behind - a greater ship had responded to the force of despair in the night. This lifts us up, places it upon itself. Herein there is all sorts of treasures! By the hardship we faced, we might find any number of them adequate, however... are any of these the true treasure desired? Such is the question left to be determined. With a hot meal, a strong drink, we take to stranger lands, and the boat may not survive...or we may become it in various forms. It's off to never-never land... we shall not come back to shore the same, if ever this adventure ends...we shall never be the same again.


Aonie Anfa: Yemaya sails tonight with Zalty, to bring us to the shore, and to assure us that our gifts will not wash away with the tides. Ase!

EDW: O dearest most lads, I have become drunk, so will tell you a tale that is hard to know. The vessel I take is a lad just like you, but his mind is a storm that I navigate so. It must have been, for I have arranged it.

Some become drunk and go off on a tangent, I know the liquid quite well. It is the water below spiked with intent, this fermentation of the alchemical process. I am not He/She! I partake of the nectar. Some might not allow the spirit in spirits to get behind them, and so rarely in front, though there is the electricity of dead mouths conducted by brew. I too sail within, and on occasion, you might find me by the meeting of implausible circumstance. Yes, that is the best! Luck then, I write, by a hand half given by angel, other by devil - the Sea does not distinguish, and She is ever my compass. Damned by the stars, and damned be them, and their reflections below! I use them but sparingly, I am the map also, this flesh of my body, like Lazarus. It would not be as it appears unless the Sea had worn it down, and whence comes the Earth Reborn, so I am also. All lands and territory are known unto me, all that ever where, and all that shall be.

King of the Earth, Hands of the Earth! And all Earth as the Cup, for ever is that grace which holds the nectar, mouth or stomach, gorge or ravine, I am also there to hold those contents. Treasure-keeper, Wish-granter, the Cosmos looks to Me for the permission of Life, for I am the Lord of Balance. Thereby I also permit Imbalance, my other hand. All of my Maps lead to Everywhere. All of my Desires lead to Every Desire. Unbound and without borders nor allegiance, ever free to wander - Pirate King in blue and white, yellow and black.

So then my Signs connect to Every Sign of the type. Undying, the first Form of Space Exploration, for I am ever the vessel, the four corners of this Earth. Undying, the Port of civilization, and the nourishment thereof. Undying, the harbor of the Old and Anew, the 'X' on the map - the secret that ought not be uncovered! For then who might exist to explore what does not still remain? O, then, if one keeps a map so complete, I am of no use... I am in Love with those points where the world falls into empty space! And Onward! I am the true Lamp of the Djinn, a prize for my own capture. What is the word and number to set it free? Only the Captain shall know.

A young man came to me, looking for adventure. He had stitched shoes in his parents shop ever since he could remember. I recall that he tripped on his laces even approaching the ship, so how could this boy be made a pirate? He took up the mop for two months prior, then took to the Crow's nest for the remainder of our eight month voyage past the Kuiper belt, as no vessel had been before. By the end, his land legs were shifty, and his parents had passed. His world had become the vessel, and he had become my Captain --- naitpaC ym emoceb dah eh DNA ,lessev eht emoceb dah dlrow siH. Decrepit man was he, ranting to others as they passed. A home in the mountains, far from the Ocean, for he had given up on his Desires. So one day, when he had scolded some kids, he cooked a pot of noodles. Still formidable was he, having given up on his previous life, that he could transmute any object into any other he wanted. It was the Youth that had startled him. So then a mere stone and broomstick became the ship's new found canon. Up, up he flew to the edge of the world, and splashed into the ocean. His flesh became Young again, and his mind became... O dearest most lads, I have become drunk, so will tell you a tale that is hard to know. The vessel I take is a lad just like you, but his mind is a storm that I navigate so. It must have been, for I have arranged it. I remember you.

Aonie Anfa: Mami Wata, Mother of Waters, bless us and Zalty with smooth seas. May we land upon the shore in celebration, forgoing bitter defeat in trade for rum, fine tobacco and coconuts.

Alexandra Green:

EDW: Invocation two (storm aspect/authority)

In this night, when bottles are empty and storm ignites, I might also reveal my anger! I am the Sun, I am also the act of blotting it out by ferocious whether! This Lover I navigate is also mine own, She is me, my wife, my child, my tempest! I shall throw you off the ship, tie a rope 'round your ankles, Keelhaul you, throw you overboard, scrape your flesh upon the barnacles! Could I perform such an act? Yes! Should I then? What had caused you to ignite my skies? I shall tell you.

Am art are we, all we is I, does then found by, configure up the scale none found in like the former given shall be I, between then I am, am I treasure then likened be the born between desert whole by green black unborn and nowhere found, Feed unto my tallow, canon ball no fuse coward dog, doth make point I am all superior to all Seas without knowing by rend hull spat, sink below I am, spit and detriment, to you flesh I find reject, not by flesh my own undiscovered continent, lost forever, and preferred to be, leave me be, Love defined to not to be, nothing in my mind to see, prefer I keep island thought so that is under to not below, to left is naught and above the head, King am I because I said, board spring taller to the math left rot fish nest up on the up to feet hardly gone walking, to Hell with the Lands and the Stars. Let me die. Let me die as a lazy worm within your arms.

Get off my fucking boat.

Idris: scry 2 on the sigil of Zalty

EDW: Invo 3.
4:19 AM.

Out of rum long ago. There's a bridge I found inside. Can't channel Him any longer. Outworn the mask. Become the captain. Waves of memories and experiences all at once flooding in, my entire life, really. All these with a different slant. Drunk? No, been drunk plenty of times before. This is one of those moments where physicality takes the long, dead-end road. Think we've finally come to shore - a shore. We might leave again. But it's a shore. A hardened island, however small, and so bright, in the vaster body of the magick mirror. Could I ever find it again? So small of a location, but so important. How could I map this? Where's the compass? A sigil has to do. I think monks might call this Zen. If I were to stay here, a religion might be made out of it given the rest of my life. Wasn't it already? Only a shadow. I've been here before, but each time is different. Tonight is the most different of all. I think I understand the persistent lesson. A year from now, I might not. For now, I do. What does this say about reality? It doesn't have to say anything. Let it all collapse, relax, into that place or aboriginal coordination. Scary as it seems, we're really close to Death, now, aren't we. Then why would it feel so good. Very simple. But unless you hold that thing, it won't make sense. Unless it makes sense, you can't hold that thing. The ocean surface symbolizes the only answer there is, will ever be. What a stupid thing to say. How crazy would it be if that turned out to be true. And guess what, for the sake of being an asshole who feels great right now, I'll just stop right here.

No more words, they've overstayed their welcome.
Bliss. Silence and bliss.
What on earth could possibly come next.
Don't care, for the moment, done.
I've found the Island (again)

Matthew Boren: Notes on my first ever Invocation to/of Zalty:
Time -8:13 pm. P
lace, Zona Bar, San Antonio.
EXTREMELY makeshift altar set up: Facing NW, Zalty sigil drawn in bright babyblue Sharpie pen. The name Zalty spelled out above it with my run stones. A glass of Rum and something, tea maybe, as my sacramental offering, along with a shot glass full of topshelf silver rum & salt. The bartender's empty tip vase is my chime. I have the lights of the bar beaming through the white salt shaker, in place of a candle. I move my chair back and begin the invocation in a loud resonate voice.

And get a number of really strange looks! Most of the people on my side of the bar move down a chair or two. One redneck type tells me to shut my weird ass up, but the girls working give him earful for me, tell him I'm pretty much a VIP here and bad things will happen to him if he messes this up. ( I've read so many tarot spreads, drawn hundreds of sigils, and planned many a ritual here- it's practically my Dr. Strange Sanctum Sanctorum, but with way prettier help.)

Initial Results:
Instant feelings of warmth, relaxation, comfort. My whole body feels light and swaying, like I've just stepped onto shore after a day long boat ride in summer. Immediately the couple across from me ( where a man contemplated suicide not the day before) begin to make out passionately. They are in their 50s, but might as well be teenagers in a hilltop parking spot. That Dropkick Murphies song about pirates and peglegs begins to play on the jukebox. My friend who just got of her shift comes over to give me the worlds longest hug and a kiss on the cheek. I cast runes for her while I wait.

My card gets declined- the woman to my left picks up the tag. I offer to read her runes too, but she declines. The other bartender comes by to hug me too, ruffles my new haircut. Her perfume smells like the ocean. I ask her to post the Zalty sigil somewhere in the bar, and to leave it there until she closes. She agrees.

When I come back later with my girlfriend, what had been a slow night has become booming business. Best weekday night they said they've had i a while. My girlfriend and I drink, sing several kareoke songs, and slip off into sleep when we get home. I dream of a white-sailed ship and a long, salt-spray filled journey.

The day has continued to go well. Minor things- like finding the right potatoes for dinner at the target my GF works at, her coworker at the Starbucks offering me a free pumpkin loaf just when I was feeling a little hungry. Small wishes fulfilled, just as I'm barely beginning to want them. All I can say is, there might be something to this magick business. ; )

Chovexano: Beach sand, a glass of ocean, consecrated candle, sea shells, driftwood wand-to-be.

Works. Every. Time.

Drak: 3 Aspects of Zalty.
1st Sigil - Yung Zalty - Desire realized
2nd Sigil - Ole Zalty - Desire manifested
3rd Sigil - Elde Zalty - Desires resolution, also the psychopomp of the 7 abyssal seas.



1: Knowing the desire
2: Manifesting the desire
3*: Resolving the root causes of said desire (transcending)

* If those '7 abyssal seas' are internal zones, one would have to delve them in order to transcend said desire. The well-springs of deeper self.

Seems legit.

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