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Supreme Wisdom of the Crusty Ages

Started by Alysyrose, October 01, 2013, 05:35:12 PM

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Supreme Wisdom of the Crusty Ages by something E.S. and Palamabron and/or Popsicle apron of the crayon dust Aethyr, next to the Stop-n-Shop across the street from Carl's Bed & Mattress.

* * * * * * * *

Zip) THE DKMU THAT CAN BE DESCRIBED IS NOT THE TRUE DKMU. Yet some descriptions may come close enough. These too shall no doubt mutate with time. Transcend nostalgia and conservatism, go with the muse.

Zop) Beware those, whether members or not, who attempt to speak for the entirety of the group or its materials, as if there were no autonomous individuals therein. Go with experience over the blind acceptance of external theory. It is good to head things with "this is my opinion" and end them with "I could be wrong." Indeed, you can learn something from everybody. The Fool you see might be somebody else's Philosopher. That being said, dumbasses are by no means an extinct species.

Zipe) It will always be easier to throw stones than to build something. The harder thing to do is often better. In all ways know that haters will hate, and contrarians will select the contrary.

Zork) Although techniques exist which are unique to the collective, none of these must be worked with in order to operate. If such tools might offer some benefit, valuable experience or insight, then they are readily available for use.

Zang) Any semblance of a manifesto or mission statement herein is amorphous, written in invisible ink with letters that shift in the light. Although shared activities and commonalities might be observed, they do not hold any authority over your own movements or personal path.

Zull) Try not to be a dick, because no matter where you are or who you're dealing with, people don't jive to that shit – people are people across the board. Observe the fact that trends come and go, and whatever might be the current trend probably won't be the trend a few months or a year from now, as this has surely been the larger trend.

Zoop) Pay no mind to any of this if it pleases you. Deph'eth Bek'eth Nix'eth, all the way to Walrus Island.

Z E N   I T