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Interview with Frater E.S.
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Interview with Frater E.S. discussing the DKMU and Magic/Magick.


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That was a great read, I don't know why I didn't notice this until now.
The part about the missing piece really hit home with me, as that's kind of where I feel I am now. I was in a very similar "whats there to this magik" mindset as you describe when you found MU, and started getting into the current, because that's pretty well exactly where I was at when I joined DBL when the DKMU merge had already happened. Currently though, I'm looking for that missing puzzle piece, and as interesting as your metaphor is for it, I think I'm in need of discovering it for myself. It's all a process, but I gotta say alysyrose: you really have provided a great deal of assistance to people with your work, and more genuinely interesting thoughts and ideas than pretty well anyone I've read. If you do quit eventually, I understand. But for what it's worth, you are legitimately inspiring, and have made an impact with people. Thanks for everything man, I don't think people say that enough these days.