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Cyber Magic

Started by thief_and_a_liar, October 22, 2013, 12:43:32 AM

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Alysy mentioned that the DKMU has done Cyber Magic in his interview I just read now.

I must have missed out on this, probably because I wasn't interested at the time, but I am now interested in what examples there are of DKMU doing Cyber Magic.

Earlier this year I wanted to become a technomancer, and I am doing steps towards this, by reading books by a hacker, and programming a lego-robot.

Techno-Magic, Cyber-Magic, Technomancy, I am not sure if there's a difference. I have read very little on these things yet, and would welcome links to relevant information as well.


The forum seems to be dead.

I could post my progress here on becoming a technomancer then, hehe.

Regarding information and inspiration for this, I should just use what I know about magic and technology already, and stop looking for the right ideas to come to me.

What I am first thinking is I need a proper definition of technomancy.

I am still working on this, it could well just be creating an effect through the use of technology, but I think it is too broad for a definition.

But does it need to be related to some occult method or philosophy made up by some guy in the past?

Or do I have my own philosophy and methods to use on the lego-robot?

I'll figure something out.



Earlier I took a nap, I think it was after looking at some code for the robot.

After an hour sleeping I am half-awake seeing magical programming code in my mind. I hurry to my computer but then sadly I cannot recall more than the number 9, used many times in some pattern.

But this is good, as it proves my subconscious mind is reacting to my intent.


What I am thinking now, is that I should make a system describing levels of technomancy, starting with the broad definition first, and then making it narrower as we go up in level.

Level 1: Causing an effect through the use of technology. Any effect. This makes any use of technology technomancy, and is the broadest definition. Purpose here could be to be aware of one's use of technology.

Level 2: Using occult ideas made by others in the past, in combination with technology.

Level 3: Using original occult ideas from one's own experience with magic, in combination with technology.


Fiercely using level 1 technomancy on an IRC channel, a link to an archive of electronic books appear from nowhere.

What I found was Frater U.'. D.'.'s High Magick, which I for some reason already knew contained 9 pages of Cyber Magic.

I don't think I have more time for technomancy before next week, but then I will read this.


I accidentally read the whole thing. All of the topics within I find interesting, so I just read through it.

But the book is useless, I felt that it is just a collection of all the ideas in magic that are wrong.

Cyber Magic in this book is simply defined as magic using the information model.

Here could be a clue.

The rest of what he writes about Cyber Magic is as useless as the rest of his book.


I am quite curious, in your opinion, what are the ideas that are just wrong in magick?
I have soared too high on the Wings of Dreams, only to be dashed on the rocky shores of Despair.


Quote from: Philtered.Khaos on November 01, 2013, 12:46:42 PM
I am quite curious, in your opinion, what are the ideas that are just wrong in magick?
I have made some rough drafts, but none of them really answer your
question. The essence here is that magic is not what I once thought
it to be. I really should move on to something else, I don't know
why I still stick around. I don't know what I am hoping for, when
there is nothing there.

edit: LOL, this doesn't answer your question either. I was just depressed yesterday, and the above is the logical conclusion to thinking about the ideas that are wrong in magic. I got the lego-robot home with me now, so during the next couple of days I may or may not get ideas for technomancy.


This is starting to become a terrible thread, if it wasn't crap from the start.

And now the lego-robot went dead, and won't charge up again.

Technomancy should also be about fixing technology with magic tricks, but something here is just broken.

I could get it fixed tomorrow by changing parts, but after that I am not sure if there will be more time to be had with the robot.

If not, there must be plenty of other things that can make me a technomancer.


Morten Birkedal greetings friend...

I m sorry I have not any suggestions to propose about Cyber Magick but the reason I am writting now is that you seem dissapointmet about the subject.
First of all cheer up brother  ;D I cant remember any time in my life that I had the same attitude to Magick and having results...Secondly Magick is what makes YOU excited about it and not the ideas that exist before you that you can take and use.They are merely tools for achieving something.Personally I never had any interest about the information model and so it is a pathway that i never took because it doesn't inspire me YET....and here comes my question to you..Have you any experience with other models and what was the essence that draw you in that particullar model called Cyber Magick?

Hope you are still taking a look here...
Εν οίδα ότι ουδέν οίδα/I know one thing alone,I know nothing...


Quote from: Johnna'dreams on November 15, 2013, 02:20:29 PM
Have you any experience with other models and what was the essence that draw you in that particullar model called Cyber Magick?

Of the 512 main models I've probably used all of them, including the information model. Every time I use the computer I am using the information model. I actually think the information model is based on how computers work. I think I mostly prefer to use a memetic model, but overall I never reflect over what model I am using.

I have an interest in science-fiction and computers, and since my magic is pretty much dead these days, I thought I could liven it up again by exploring technomancy.


Homer K Blua

Thanks for these posts they have me an idea tag board amulets

You'd design a circuit for a magical goal the poplulate your tag board In a significant way I.e. pentagram or sigil
You could chose resistors and caps based on color and value...

It would then be hooked up to a battery you could even use LEDs or a speaker for different effects

Totaly doing this!


Not sure if necro-ing a thread is a big deal here at this stage in the game, but hoping to reinvigorate ideas others may have regarding possibilities.

The information model, and computer simulation models of reality I find to be extremely useful in helping organize possible break-points for taking this a step further, magical coding, hacking, data transmission, etc.

I hold the loose viewpoint that perhaps what we are working with when working with "reality" is a holographic projection, rendered by those conscious beings throughout the cosmos (perhaps consciousness taking on a more pantheistic station, where it permeates it). Overall, however, we render according to what our hardware will translate for us...light, sound, taste, texture, etc. Meanwhile, the number-crunching goes on in the background, at a much lower-functioning level. To me, what ritual seems to do, is basically be accomplishing magical workings with a few different avenues of execution:

1) We ask a super-user or admin for help/assistance to accomplish a task...the IT guy near your cube cuts you some slack if you bring him a box of donuts...the sysadmin puts a ticket through to install new software on your machine, etc.

2) We are the super-user...but maybe don't know it...forgotten password, whathaveyou...attaining higher levels of power as we progress through super-user, admin, god-tier authorities.

3) We "hack" the system in one of two ways: Software and hardware. Software/hardware can be by addressing tabboos, shadow-work, killing psychic/karmic zombie processes...and ritual magick...aka buffer-overflow.

Standard ritual magic seems to employ one of these three methods, often times in combination. Chaos magic seems to focus on the third, imo (although entities may be involved etc.). At its base, magical regalia, ephemera, etc. all seem to set the stage for overloading the senses, allowing the will to be driven down into the subconscious (processor level) where our extraneous code is run (the visualized and energized sigil after the attainment of gnosis).

I only carry on about it because I feel there's a great deal of crossover in theory that could be applied to both sides of technology and magickal technology which seems to benefit both. Using a computer-information model in magic could help construct more clearly defined spells, more akin to magickal programs, that when run will perform a certain set of actions.

Going over to the technological side of things, I've had thoughts on the creation of magical sigils which act as logic gates, chips, data-transmisison (wired, wireless, psychic, whathave you), into the possibilities of a similar vein as what Homer was discussing. Magical circuit boards.

Another way of looking at it could be the way Terence McKenna discusses the Alchemists view of their work, as an externalization of internal processes which when modified, also modify the user. Wearable sigils with joule-thiefs and/or small caps charging batteries, solar powered, etc.

Yet another attempt could be a way to harness the magical power of classical domains (elements, planets, etc) via a specialized code or library for whatever language an individual chooses....literally an m-code. Really it wouldn't be much more than data points...alignments/positions of planets, temperatures, fluctuations in seasons, etc. all easily sourceable from various places online from satellites, geometric and weather patterns, observatories, etc.

Especially considering we already have a magical network, and various workings and nodes throughout, we already have an informational model that seems to work well as-is. Many of use, even the most remote of connected to the network (not just the fleshcrafted) have experienced info transmission via Ellis direction or gotten hints, dreams, summons, or other information about goings on away from our physical locales, but not unlike any internet messaging system (whether it's IRC, phpBB, VoIP, etc.).

I would love to see what other ideas we could come up with. Throw in some orgone generators/devices? Create standardized protocols for encrypted communications? Intelligent energy distribution? Add an end-user magician at the terminal and there's no real limit immediately apparent.