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Started by Maelhavok, November 11, 2013, 07:17:56 PM

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Warp-Stone Ritual

Intent : Creation of a symbolic "foundation stone" that will act as the main building-stone of a Manse/Tower.

Notes : Object is specifically for a single location, either the home of the Magician or the Primary Working Space. Object should be considerably non-portable. Basically, something that resonates a "personalized space" in the local area that is tailored for the individual Magician. Can also be used as the central point of an "Astral Tower", that provides defense, offense, and information-gathering .

Basic Questions :
1. What would be the basis for the object?
  1.A. Consider heavy stone for symbolic purposes.
2. What would be the "Activation Ritual".
3. What would be the "De-Activation Ritual".
4. Should it be specifically tied to a single location?
5. Should it be inviolably Individual in nature, or should it be allowed to be "linked" to "other Warp-Stones".
  5.A. Consider Creation of single Master Stone, with smaller Sub-Stones linking a cabal of Magicians for facilitating group-work. Kind of like the Palantirs from Tolkein.
  5.B. Consider creation of Warp-Siege Engines, which would basically be high-powered Chaos Current Generators that were portable but sturdy enough to be left someplace where they could be useful.

Thoughts/ Opinions?
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."


This seems like  it would be most effective as a focal point in a protection spell for a property. Unless you're talking about a really big stone... Your questions really depend on your intention for your warp stone; if you're using it for protection, then there's always a variety of options. For your Activation ritual you could create a  witch's bottle and then seal it into a stone which  you then bury in  a key point on your property.  Or you could hotfoot powder your location and lay a lot of  tricks. For your 5th question, I will leave it to another expert. I don't work much with the  chaos  generators.


I imagine it as partly a protective basis for a property, K.

Also partly as a sort of spiritual touchstone/ energy generator that could be used by the individuals on the property who were attuned to it.
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."

Frater Theodbald

A friend of mine wants to do something similar eventually, when she buys land.  It would be in order to create a Norse oriented NeoPagan sacred space.  With a huge stone as central altar.
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