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Liber Sigillum 1st Edition - Last Release

Started by Alysyrose, November 25, 2013, 10:54:04 PM

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Released again until January 1st, 2014, beginning on December 17th, 2013.

Disclaimer: We cannot apologize enough as to the lateness of the long expected LS Grimoire, now delayed again. This was simply out of our control due to technical difficulties, and it being a rather detailed volume which is just as much art as it is text. The entire reason for the second release of Sigillum was to coincide with the release of this free PDF. There has however been a demand for Sigillum again, but we must inform you that it remains a first edition, and not perfected. This will be the last release of the first edition, as a second edition has been planned. Also know that Sigillum was ever only a hardcover book, and the price reflects this. It was never formatted to the size of a softcover, and was always envisioned as a hardcover volume in black aside from the spiral serpent at front, with the back capable of being polished (with code blotted out) so as to serve as an impromptu black mirror.

Liber Sigillum is a 300+ page grimoire detailing the archetypal Fool's journey from the modern world into the magickal, ever searching for an amorphous goal which he perceives as "the mountain." (The Great Work.) Through a journey entailing the examination of self, awareness, magick, language and death, he treads ever closer to a realization that might either illuminate or shatter him. In shattering the illusion of the mountain, he might also shatter himself or succumb to madness - though he treads onwards. Upon this journey he is forced to confront the doubts, philosophical difficulties and promising techniques which make up the mystery traditions, and in particular, the techniques of body maintenance, lucid dreaming, out of body experience and Chaos Magic (sigils, servitors & egregores), to name a few.

At first pronouncing his desire for knowledge to anything that would listen, he is confronted by psychosomatic characters such as the Tower, the Narrator, the Catalyst and eventually the fabled Magician. The answer he finds, after all had been said, is one he might have never expected.

Liber Sigillum was written by a wizard during a period of intense doubt, upheaval and internal conflict which mirrors the conflict within the internal guts of its pages. This tome was later used in a group ritual to act as a portal, or vortex, so that magick might funnel itself though and cause a particular reaction of rebirth, re-invigoration or deep contemplation in the reader or holder. It has since been included as a ritual piece for many in the DKMU and elsewhere. The grey/silver spiral serpent upon its cover (the catalyst) mirrors this symbolic purpose.

This will be the last release of the first edition, as it has been seen as wanting for more editing to a degree that will permanently alter this edition, although the A.A.O. (the group that had released this) is currently out of commission for the time being, so there's no telling when a second edition will, if ever, be completed. (This is more an unfortunate fact than anything. I don't predict a second edition for at least 2 years given the flow of things currently.) The window for this final release will exist between the dates of December 17th - January 1st.

As the A.A.O. has said and we continue to say, because it's so very worth saying, "Maintain."


Hi, I got to read an excerp from Liber Sigillum that was posted in a thelema channel. It dealt with lucid dreaming and OBE. Nothing new, but I thought for once something from the DKMU is well written, and the information good.


Thee Uncondemning Momus

where does one get a copy of the 1st ed? depending on price, I am interested... and there is mention of a free pdf as well... is it possible to get the info on that as well, I will check the DKMU texts to be sure its not just right there... please do let me know how to obtain a copy of the 1st ed.

In Chaos and love of liff


This was just released again recently on the 17th, and sale will end on Jan 1st 2014. This is the official last release of the first edition.