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Current workings, and ideas.

Started by OmniZero, December 07, 2013, 01:54:46 PM

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Ok, I figured I needed to post something in here to encourage more activity. So why not post what you are doing for your magiks right now? I'm being nondescript here so you can really say what the fuck you are up to without fitting a guideline, so talk people. Like parrots.

Me currently; nothing. I'm dealing with people who I need to deal with, and preparing for the upcoming new year's ritual. The day of Ellis is coming, and will kick off the same series of workings we did with the godforms back this fall. If anyone has logs as to which dates were used so I can compare to when we should do these, I would much appreciate it. Also, any details that people feel inclined to share about what did and didn't work for them would be appreciated. Input is helpful; most of the time.

What of yourself now?



I have been  breaking my EOD with some non-DKMU related magic.  It's actually been quite nice, and I have been trying  to  keep it low key. So I'm working on a  love talisman for Andrieh Vitimus' 30 day challenge (almost done!), and with the Johnny Midas sigil with the prosperity group MQ made on facebook.


I've actually been working on learning the star game and just generally blending of DKMU/O9A ideas/memes. As well as maintaining work with the AAO schema of distillations. In other words I've been churning out Art/writing to help flesh out that alien understanding gleamed from the eye within/out self. Glad to see someone trying to spark up the boards again

Homer K Blua

Trying to incorporate some magic in show my bands playing tomorrow night .... Few days avoid released a FB flyer that has a sigil made from my band name as the focal point.... It's programmed just to get in people's minds.. I didn't want to do any thing forcefull like you will come lol I think I'm going to connect a phrase to a sigil for euphoria and try it live might take me more than tonight to figure it out tho