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Author Topic: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014  (Read 5055 times)


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DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« on: December 08, 2013, 11:40:43 am »

"I'd like to step in for a bit out of my vacation/EOD to remind Oistars and others that the 2nd marathon of Khaos Magic / Godform work will still be shooting off @ Dec 31st - Jan 1st. This puts me in a bit of a spot due to knowing the good that this vacation is doing, but that I'll be participating as well. After some thought, I've opted to use our local DKMU forums as a temp blog when this starts. This also gives the added benefit of posts not being buried in here so quickly. Link below.

So, for anyone new to this, it's fairly loose. It's basically done as an excuse to keep us sharp and on our toes. We go through a few psychic locations marked by a set of designer egregores that encourage certain moods/powers/etc. From there on, nothing can be predicted. This is loose in that, even though a certain cycle is followed, your own style and use of these points/archetypes/spirits/whatever is up to you, and mixing or matching other mindful connections (and other godforms, indeed) is completely up to the fluctuations of any magician in question. If you happen to thrive on structure and cookbook-like recipes, this might be difficult. But that's the point.

In any case, you can ask others here what the last one was like, and there are definitely some recommended texts for study if you haven't already gone through them. But in the end, a nose-dive into deep water has its merits. Maintain."


Happy new years!
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Re: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2013, 12:06:57 pm »

If we're going by the 3-day period like last time, which seemed to work out, it looks like this:
(I'm also putting in a preliminary Khaos and final Nameless. You can do these or not, details when they come.)

KHAOS - (Dec) 30
ELLIS - 31st to (Jan) 2nd
663 - 3rd to 5th
INO - 6th to 8th
TRIGAG - 9th to 11th
ZALTY - 12th to 14th
RED KING - 15th to 17th
WHITE QUEEN - 18th to 20th
CONJUNCTIO - 21st to 23rd
BLACK QUEEN (ENU) - 24th to 26th
WHITE KING (NUL) - 27th to 29th
NAMELESS - 30th to (Feb) 1st



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Re: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2013, 02:37:24 am »

"As a bit more on this, especially for Oistars, the point is only to explore as you will. If it helps, this is a Chaos Magic experiment in testing out contemporary spirits (or as Morrison might say, aggregates of information.) The point in testing them out, and using them, is to disconnect from history and inspire a more modern attitude towards magick - beyond the type where it always goes into a religious circumference.

One point of this operation is to inspire the thought in practitioners that anything (or aggregate; symbol, deep recurrence) can be a spirit. This is a good lesson. Even better when it's been proven - when you have some success.

For those that have experience with it, this is more Lwa (Voudon) like, or perhaps if you've ever experimented with cultural "spirits" borrowed from pop culture. The difference is that these were not borrowed from pop culture. These came about by a seemingly random process in past DKMU incarnations. They are in total some of the most (some more than others) most used modern designer aggregates (or whatever) used by the underground Chaos Magic community. Tests continue, and this is another. Be ye pirate, magician, whatever else. But deep-sea diver and/or mountain climber - both!"


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Re: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2013, 02:51:11 am »

Since this is happening soon, here's some more info, as much as is needed.

Q: Will these things warp my mind?
A: Only if you let them, and only if you happen to need it.

Q: Are these things evil?
A: Only if you approach them as evil.

Q: Are these things beneficial?
A: About the same answer, but some can be used more towards "gain" than "loss". Sometimes, however, loss can be a very good thing.

Q: What do I need to do to have these things really WORK?
A: That's mostly about you as a magician. Cheap answer, I know. Every aspiring magician, chaote, whatever, wants something to prove something to them. Go along with the progression of this, and you'll probably have a result if you've never had one before. What that result is, we can't exactly predict.

Q: For more experienced occultists, what can we expect?
A: If you're experienced in some way as to invo/evocation, the processes behind them, this will undoubtedly be easier for you at face value. If you're really experienced and you read the descriptions (only sigils will be posted here) then you'll know why these things work. Especially if you have a system worked out. Even more, if you're experienced towards a certain point, then this test might be redundant.

Q: What should I expect?
A: If your new to any sort of occult work like this, just keep your mind open. Do the recommended preliminary callings, but also insert some of your own style. This will empower your own budding magickal style. I might say that you should expect results, but then again, you should not expect anything.

Q: How do I prepare, even if I only do one of them?
A: Some documents exist, although they are not exactly current. Most of the info is current, or at least, does well enough. After all is said, your own experience will guide the way towards wherever it is you feel you ought to go. This is very important. Cook-book like recipes are a thing of the past, and have nothing to do with whatever your own magickal style of thinking or operation might be. This is an exercise in finding what that means to you.


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Re: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« Reply #4 on: December 27, 2013, 03:21:14 am »



To talk about weird experiences often just comes off as bragging these days. Added to that, you can't trust anyone who says it. Certainly not in our modern digital climate, anyway.

I don't feel at the time like saying a lot, so I'll only say this: magick works. It doesn't work all of the time, and most are too lazy to keep a record of what had worked for them one time, in favor of "it must be random." Hey, whatever. I don't feel like getting into that either. The sole purpose of one layer of the DKMU, I think, is to get you to experience more results. By experiencing more results, and also researching why or not those results might happen, this forms a better individual. Yeah, I think that's about right.

So, no matter where you are (or think you are) in you're progression (if there is such a thing) this egregore or godform, or whatever it is experiment, may certainly assist. If you were to ask me, but this is only in terms of my own model - these things are aggregrates or masks, if you will, placed upon continuing and obvious portions of our minds (also connected to the external in some sense) that respond when we approach them as they are. Confusing, it seems. But not so.

A familiar example might be that if I don't like someone, it's not that aspect of them that I don't like, but the aspect I see reflected in myself that I take issue with. If I could possibly come to terms with that issue in myself, then they might not bother me anymore. Well, all fine and good, but that's a hard thing to do. It first entails treating them as myself in some way, or at least, the part of them I take issue with, as myself. And, of course, it must ultimately be in myself, on some level. Wow, much occult, such khaos, how such, don't know, cray cray, this & that, how combine them, don't know. Wow.

So, the DKMU "archetypes", which is a much better word, seem to me, to be like those aspects we might see in others taken out of the context of the Other, and into a viewing of themselves just as they are. They might be seen as those aspects of ourselves we either love or hate, are indifferent towards, don't exactly know how to deal with, or might be wanting to deal with, taken as external and dealt with by occult means. We can deal with them, taken out of the context of an external body. This means that they are spiritual, non-physical, or whatever terminology you might want to use. They and their sigils or symbols are markers or telephone numbers for a part of ourselves that deals with the mysteries beyond them.

Okay, so, knowing that, we can use these telephone number aggregates to strike up a relationship, or an adventure, with those parts of ourselves that deal with, perhaps, something we might not want to face, or something we had always wanted to. The negative and positive aspects are buried therein, but all in all, I think, you're dealing cards with yourself. Not only yourself, but those parts of yourself that deal cards with the other parts of yourself that the conscious mind is not, and cannot be aware of.

So, this can become some scary shit. But that's the point. If you aren't engaged in a perpetual facing of fears as an occultist, and a perpetual growth, then what exactly is the point? If you want to live in a perpetual shelter of comfort, then by all means, give your name here, and we'll delete you. But I don't think that's why the rabbit hole brought you here. Whatever that might, or might not, be.

That's my take on it.
Develop your own.


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Re: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« Reply #5 on: January 01, 2014, 11:06:26 pm »

I might say a thing, and I might not say anything.
And whether or not I say a thing, a thing will be said by someone.
So I will only contribute to those things said, as a laughing octopus.
And fan the flames of the joy beneath despair.

~ Khaos, Jan 1/2


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Re: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2014, 11:33:35 pm »

Evocation of ELLIS has been performed. Apparition appeared as the red robed 'Whore of Babylon", who I seem to see as being quite similar to this godform. This morning a spider appeared on my wall. I quickly swatted it, and regretted it immediately, considering it may be an omen by the great "spider queen" Ellis. Should have taken it outside and let it go :/
Anyways, good day, plan on continuing my work with the godforms.


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Re: DKMU Khaos Magick Marathon 2014
« Reply #7 on: January 26, 2014, 11:24:21 am »

Does anyone know anything about Enu and Nul? I haven't been able find any information about them.

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