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Datura Inoxia

Started by empath23, December 09, 2013, 10:33:18 PM

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Excerpt from

I feel the need to mention this again before proceeding. This report is from my personal experience and should not be attempted by anyone. The risk of overdose is very real. Do not try this at home.

Dec 5. 2013

11:00pm - 25 Seeds are consumed.

11:38pm - Gentle stoning sensation, skin feels dry.

12:20am - Some minor chest pain. This condition, however, has been persistent over the last few weeks and I have been told by an RN that it is most likely muscle soreness rather than any cardiac issue.

12:48am - 15 more seeds ingested.

1:00am - Vision is very blurry, finding it extremely difficult to read. The drug has rendered me temporarily far-sighted.

1:45am - 15 more seeds ingested. Experiencing a great amount of euphoria at this point. Here the painkilling effects of scopolamine are present, and I feel a gentle warmth, somehow analogous to an opiate intoxication. Sense of bodily "abstraction", i.e. I feel somehow as though I am incorporeal.

2:30am - Feeling very nice. 10 more seeds.

3:06am - 10 more seeds ingested. Things at this point border on dysphoria. I believe I was correct in my assumption that there is a "sweet spot" somewhere in there, likely between the 30-50 seed range for this particular pod.

I take seroquel and pass out around 4:30am and experience a highly fulfilling sleep. Some dream intensity, but nothing out of the ordinary. As I open my eyes the light is passing through the cracks of my door, creating a beautiful halo. Vision is still slightly blurred but intact.

Dare I say that I feel good today? It almost seems taboo for anyone to actually enjoy this stuff from what I read, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! In fact, I have risen from sleep today feeling fresh and renewed! The only thing I did not like is that it became very difficult to read anything once the dose started to get higher. I think that the seroquel I take daily may be interfering with me experiencing any full blown delirium, which is a good thing. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary last night was that I looked over at my bed, seeing the comforter shaped as though there were a person underneath. The delusion was not strong enough to dissuade me, and I brushed it off, knowing instantly that it was only the blanket and that my imagination had fabricated it.

Throughout the night there were minor visual distortions; small flashes of light flickering around my field of vision, and the corners of objects were "twitching" a bit. Nothing really that intense.

So far I have greatly enjoyed this plant ally. Coming up on it is very gentle and glides one into a dreamy state if intoxication. The body becomes uncoordinated, and I stumble a bit, all the while feeling as though I am floating through the air. It prompts me to wonder what kind of evolutionary development this sweet flower has gone through. I intend upon using this for evocation in the very near future.

I'd really love to hear other people's experiences with the nightshade. The ones on erowid are overwhelmingly negative, but I want to see some experiences from those who came upon it informed and ready for its visions.

Love is the law, love under will.



If anyone has any questions about this please message me at 'empath twentythree' on facebook, or check out more on the blog posted initially. Since beginning this topic my experience with this magnificent plant ally has grown greatly. More information has been posted as well. I've also received a little recipe concerning the "witches flying ointment" and plan on producing it for the ritual proper very soon.


Awesome trip report, wish there were more responsible ones like this. Did you ever get around to to crafting flying ointment? I cooked one up a few full moons ago that is rather potent. To outline the recipe I used:

Flying Ointment

1. Out of my small pharmacy of homegrown herbs were taken root of Datura wrightii, leaves of Artemesia princeps, and cured buds of Cannabis indica. Two caps of Amanita muscaria, a big one and a little one, were collected from the mountains and sun-dried to be included among the ingredients.

2. Supercentenarian goose grease was obtained from an antique store. With this was mixed a portion of beeswax and oils of coconut and olive. The oil blend was heated to liquid in a double boiler.

3. The herbs mentioned in step 1 were combined in the oil blend from step 2. The herbs were gently simmered in the oil for about six hours, then strained into a jar for storage.

4. Powdered thunder egg agate from a nearby hill was sprinkled into the ointment in the jar while it was still in a warm liquid state. The jar was left outside under the supermoon until the first rays of dawn began to emerge.


1. Before bed, a test dose the size of a shelled hazlenut was rubbed on the aereolae of both nipples. Drowsiness and enhanced hypnogogic perception. Not focused enough to "transform" this night, dreams seemed unaffected. Awoke feeling recharged, no lingering effects.

2. A dose of four gobs the size of hazelnuts are rubbed on the soles of the feet, the aereolae, and the junctions of the elbows. Mild potentiation of astral projective capabilities. Awoke feeling drunk, slightly disoriented. The after-effects suggest the potency of this ointment is quite high, in the context of the dosage administered.

3. An infestation of mice prompted me to try using flying ointment as a rodentcide. A hazelnut sized gob is sandwiched in peanut butter and left on a plate on the floor. Not five minutes later, the mouse is gorging on the toxic offering. A few days later, one shows up dead on the middle of the kitchen floor. Seems the poisoning was successful.

Been getting into shake-induced trance recently. Combining flying ointment with some shuddering in a snowbank in the backyard is on the agenda for the Yuletide season. Perhaps I can befriend some ice giants.


falling into a snowbank nude can be quite the experience all on its own :P


I know this was a while ago, but I have quite a lot of experience with HBWR, a specific strain grown only in Hawaii or warmer climates.
I did ingest morning glory before, probably around 100-150 but I only felt stoned and little wisps of euphoria beyond that. Most of my experiences involved being mesmerized by mostly nature, especially watching clouds and water flowing. I usually need about 15-20 seeds, and they sit in water while mashed up, although that had given me quite a weird bit of nausea. Anyways if you don't mind purging it works like a rocket effect where as soon as your purge you blast off into space, another great way to ingest it is so simply leave it mashed into your mouth for 45 minutes. I recommend to clean the outside of the seeds.

The only issue I did have was difficulty breathing although it could be tied to how back then I was a heavy habitual smoker (erowid suggests that shops/suppliers spray outside with something like cyanide) I laid down on the bed with my head and upper chest off the bed, upsidedown for the better part of a few hours clearing my lungs taking deep deep breathes and seeing light trailing visuals.

Whenever I was under the influence of these little browns I felt the strong urge to be away from civilization and didn't want to see any man made structures. The afterglow of the drug is welcoming and gives me a sense of weightlessness.


The feeling of not being able to breathe on the Hawaiian baby woodrose was probably the vasoconstriction associated with it. On Yopo its so intense it literally feels like you poisoned yourself and you are going to die.