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Member Introductions / *wanders in from Facebook...*
« on: May 10, 2016, 02:16:52 pm »
Sooo I've been on the Facebook group for some time now, but I never got around to the forums until now. Because I'm lazy and Facebook's easier to remember to check, haha! Anyways yes. I'm 28, from Michigan (Texas born-and-raised though), and I'm one of those weirdo natural-born magic people who had to figure out what was going on with me along the way because magic was this thing that sort of was there disrupting my life from day one and making all the muggles go "omg freak!" or whatever. I use an energy-based model of magic, usually cutting the middle man out to just reduce it to a glance, a flick of the hand, a word or two, and done. I can't not do magic, it's weirdly kind of intertwined with my life and always has been. To me the assault on reality is highly personal and serious, because it's sort of people like me more space to just EXIST. Because for us, we can't turn it off, ever.

Been working closely with Ellis (with brief encounters of a few of the other godforms, chiefly Doombringer with whom I seem to work well for some reason, and a smattering of hangouts with Zalty and the like) for months now. Currently working on a bunch of different projects, including about 6 pounds of glass gems with sparkly glittery LS sigils on them because I'm obsessed with balance and Ellis seemed to hone in on that with me and push me toward flushing more healing-ish, light-ish magicks into the web.

I'm generally a weird mix of blunt, bubbly, hippie, artist (emphasis on surreal, psychedelic and comical/cartoony styles), writer/poet, and aggressive/warrior, with primal leanings and heavy Sagittarian adventure-happy madness. (You should see my natal chart. OMG. It's like it's all freakin' Sagittarius, man.) I live so far down the rabbit hole, way up there most other magical folk are all like "B*tch you crazy". But despite having embraced my inner freak, if there's one thing that can be said about me, when I put my mind to it I will plow through until I get sh*t done, come what may.

Glad to be here, cannot wait to dive right on in to the conversation, and for those of y'all who already know me -- hi again, seeya 'round on Facebook as always. Much love all around! (...maybe some death metal for the more edgy folks.  8)  )

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