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D.K. / M.U. Tarot / Oracle Deck.

Started by Maelhavok, February 26, 2016, 06:48:33 PM

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I'd like to spearhead this project, if no one else has any objections. I know that it's been kicked around a few times, and hasn't gotten very far, so, I'd like to take another stab at it. If you'd like to participate or just throw in any ideas, here is the place to say so. While I'm well-versed in theory and practice, my 2d art skills hover somewhere around my daughter's, and she's only 3. If any more artistic folk want to jump in , that would be great, otherwise, I'll have to bring in an outside designer and I'm not real sure I want to be responsible for what that does to their psyche.

Anyone else game?
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."


Yep - like I mentioned on Facebook, I started a commercial DKMU tarot a while back, but the project is on hold. I propose we stick with the oracle deck concept, as making a tarot deck using DKMU godforms would most likely end up with us forcing DKMU stuff into tarot format, while if we go with the oracle format we can do pretty much anything we want.

One thing to remember is that the sort of people who buy oracle decks tend to want something very linear, very simple in form, and easy to use. With this in mind, we will need to get at least 35 core concepts or godforms that can be easily explained and that represent specific and quantifiable outcomes - we cant have a whole bunch of oblique semi-connected card ideas, we will need each card to be specific and fully realised.

I have a business affiliate account with Printers Studio, which is a Hong Kong based printing house that can handle all the printing and postage/distribution for us. I suggest using my account because I get better prices, and they happily accept mass orders to multiple destinations from me.

What do you reckon?


I'm behind the Oracle deck idea as well, a traditional "tarot" structure is too tied to Hebrew mysticism and wouldn't really fit any of the dkmu archetypes very well.
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."

Zan King

Pretty new to DKMU, but I'd love to help in way I can. I consider myself to be an "acceptable" artist, so if y'all have card design ideas, I can probably produce the images.